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Volume 113, 2014-2015


Brian R. Tengel, of Ohio

Managing Editor
Samantha A. Kirby, of California

Executive Articles Editor
Hannah S. Swanson, of Michigan

Articles Editors
Andrew R. Guy, of Pennsylvania
Kurt A. Johnson, of Michigan
Avi Kupfer, of Illinois
Bibeane I. Metsch-Garcia, of New York
Angela E. Xu, of California

Executive Editors 
Matthew D. Evans, of Minnesota
Timothy J. Ford, of Michigan
Daniel Halainen, of Pennsylvania
Thomas E. Kadri, of England
Edward J. Mroczkowski, of Wisconsin
Eli M. Temkin, of Wisconsin
Katherine C. Warren, of California

Executive Notes Editor
Joel M. Pratt, of Colorado

Notes Editors 
Daniel R. Cellucci, of Massachusetts
Brian D. Howe, of New York
Samuel C. Leifer, of Massachusetts
Daniel C. Osher, of Michigan
Jennifer Leigh Utrecht, of Florida

Book Review Editors
Cari E. Carson, of Indiana
Nathaniel F. West, of Minnesota

Executive Editors of 
First Impressions
Matthew T. McCurdy, of California
Marcel T. Rosner, of New York


Executive Production Editor
Max A. Greenwald, of New York

Contributing Editors

Christine E. Adams, of Illinois
Valian A. Afshar, of Delaware
Bradley S. Ahrens, of Michigan
Dana R. Angood, of New Jersey
Joel C. Bryant, of Michigan
Christian G. DeSimone, of Pennsylvania
Sarah E. Duffy, of Illinois
Brandon R. Fetzer, of New York
Spencer A. Gottlieb, of New Jersey
Diane R. Hilligoss, of Indiana


Andrew J. Junker, of Arizona
Jarred A. Klorfein, of Georgia
Jessica A. Kraft, of Michigan
Surya Kundu, of California
Claire V. Madill, of Michigan
Leah A. Mintz, of Pennsylvania
Erica B. Mitchell, of Virginia
Julia K. Potter, of Wisconsin
Emily A. Rose, of Colorado
Andrew C. Sand, of Georgia
Andrea M. Taylor, of Arizona


Associate Editors

Steven J. Alizio, of New York
Sarah Alsaden, of Michigan
Brian T. Apel, of Idaho
Jonathan L. Backer, of Wisconsin
Michael C. Baker, of North Carolina
Turner Binkley, of Michigan
Breeanna N. Brewer, of California
Katherine R. Canny, of New York
Joseph C. Celentino, of California
Lindsey L. Chandler, of Connecticut
Christine J. Choi, of Virginia
Megan DeMarco, of New Jersey
Avi Emanuel, of Illinois
Sommer H. Engels, of Massachusetts
Jennifer E. Fischell, of New Jersey
Lisa A. Folkerth, of Ohio
Daniel Fong, of California
Jarrett H. Gross, of Illinois
Ryan K. Hebert, of Washington
S. Chancellor Hill, of Montana
Danielle Kalil-McLane, of California
Eric M. Kim, of New York
Robert G. King, of Maine
Alison B. Lisi, of Michigan

Christopher R. MacColl, of Maine
Jared D. Maher, of Ohio
William H. Martin, of Washington
Joan E. G. Martinez, of the Philippines
Donovan C. McCarty, of Michigan
Mary E. Miller, of Massachusetts
Daniel C. Montgomery, of Ohio
John C. Muhs, of Michigan
Emma Notis-McConarty, of Massachusetts
Kenneth R. Powell, of Michigan
W. Benjamin Reese, of Ohio
Andrew C. Robb, of Missouri
Jessica M. Roll, of New York
Ryan S. Rott, of Michigan
Matthew P. Sappington, of Illinois
Timothy H.P. Smith, of Ohio
Ryan J. Spille, of Minnesota
Jennifer W. Stone, of Illinois
Patrick A. Tighe, of Arizona
Martin C. Topol, of New Hampshire
Jennifer R. Turchyn, of Michigan
Rachael L. Westmoreland, of Georgia
Andrew Xue, of California
Anne R. Yearwood, of New York
Eric D. Yff, of Kentucky


Jessica Hanes

Editorial Assistants 
Catherine T. Leggieri  
Barbara I. Vibbert