Article Length Policy

The Michigan Law Review, a light-edit journal, strongly prefers articles that make a concise argument. We have joined many of our peer journals in signing the joint statement on article length. We are seeking a heterogeneous collection of essay-length pieces (30 published pages or less) and article-length pieces (approximately 30 to 50 published pages). All pieces should be less than 25,000 words, including footnotes. This is not a firm cap, but it is a strong preference.

Our Commitment
In order to do our part in meeting this goal, we commit to editing and considering articles in ways that will not contribute to excessive article length. The Michigan Law Review has long been a light-edit journal. This has meant that we do not force authors to accept any of our suggested changes. We hope to build on this tradition in ways that make the editing process more productive while reducing pressures to add citations or explanatory material.