Open-Access Policy

In keeping with our light-edit policy, we believe that authors should not be required to give up their intellectual property rights in their work in order to publish in the Michigan Law Review. Our policies are consistent with Open Access principles.


The Michigan Law Review requires from the Author a nonexclusive license for commercial publication. While the majority of our articles are released under a license that allows educational copying under certain circumstances, we are always willing to publish articles under another license that the author may prefer, such as the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial License. Of course, because we only ask for a nonexclusive license, authors are free to release the article separately under different terms.

The Michigan Law Review does not require that the Author attribute first publication to the Review; we find that generally our authors want to attribute publication to the Michigan Law Review.

Upon publication of the Article, the Michigan Law Review will furnish to the Author a PDF of the citable form of the Article with the expectation that this will be posted in an Open Access Repository.

Our current publication agreement is available here.